In a few words

High Recruitment Group (HRG) is made up of 3 Branches so it can provide an all-round solution for companies in search of high level profiles. They all provide a consultancy and headhunting solutions but with a specialisation based on HR requirements.


We handle every aspect of recruitment

The High Recruitment Group specialises in executive search and provides a segmented recruitment solution to HR managers and personnel through its three Departments. This service includes strategic consultancy, clinical behaviour assessment and career coaching, provided by each of them specifically.

The group's organisation means that each Department is capable of meeting its Clients' potentially extensive recruitment requirements internally.


A proven network and experience

Our group is built on a foundation of experience gained by the parent company founded in September 2009, HP Recruitment, and has strong long-lasting relationships with the partners that the original company nurtured over the years.


DNA from professional sport

The first ten years reinforced the initial belief held by the Department's management: intuition comes second to experience. This opinion became a certainty through the experience and analysis of records in the professional sports world, as well as successfully apply to the practice and growth of our business.

The result is shared by all the group's companies:

  • A common intrinsic vision, considering that a sense of effort, practice, resilience and determination are key factors in achieving goals and managing intermediary steps.
  • An organisational translation: a single consultant, devoted to all services, capitalises on its in-depth understanding of the Client's environment, restrictions, strategy for avoiding information loss and builds de facto privileged long-term relationships.
  • Values: attention to detail, personal motivation, commitment, drive for success based on "FAIR", seen by our group as essential to everything we do.

A drive for excellence

  • Time management: we apply our 3/5/8 method to our recruitment projects
  • Proactivity: our Consultants use "headhunting" strategies to approach and motivate candidates
  • Knowledge and care: in-depth reference checks in keeping with legislation, but attentive to the specific features of the Client's demands
  • Systematised physical interviews: Candidates are met and assessed at our premises
  • Building partnerships: monitoring of the induction of recruited employees using milestones, and reports on supported collaborations with our Clients