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Founded in September 2009, High Potential Recruitment (HPR) is the HRG Group's original Department where the values, methods and procedures were developed and proven.


Top level candidate shortlist

HPR began by recruiting all types of position before gradually focusing on sourcing Executive and Senior Executive profiles who want to provide and showcase meaningful expertise and who want to flourish professionally as well as work on an exciting project.

Recruitment success through an all-encompassing bespoke approach

True to the group's strategic decisions, the HPR consultancy team build a close relationship with their client by becoming the single contact for their mandate and supporting them throughout the recruitment process.

The HPR team members provide constant support to every designated contact in the companies e.g. principals, executive managers, board of directors, national and international economic agent management.

Their key roles: pre-advise them as to the project's feasibility in terms of sector-based assessments then present them under their seals or confidentially in order to approach suitable candidates subject to agreed specifications and, at the end of the process, streamline the parties' contract agreement.


Most approached M/F Executive and Senior Executive profiles

  • Administration and Finance Manager
  • After-Sales Inspector
  • Audit Analyst
  • Automation Engineer
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Customer Account Manager
  • Data Marketing Manager
  • Design Engineer
  • Design Office Manager
  • Engineer
  • Executive Assistant
  • HSE Manager
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Industrialisation Manager
  • IS - BI Engineer
  • IT Engineer
  • Key Account Representative
  • Lean Engineer
  • Logistical Solutions Service Manager
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Management Controller
  • Marketing manager
  • Method Engineer
  • Operation Manager
  • Product Coordinator
  • Product Development Manager
  • Product Director
  • Product Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Production
    Team Leader
  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales Manager
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Service Advisor
  • Site Manager
  • Technical Advisor
  • Technical Inspector
  • Etc.


A proven method

Assignments conducted by High Potential Recruitment are based on the HRG Group's 3/5/8 method and monitored by an intermediary management in charge of running downsized business units. This supervision primarily assesses contractual commitment, the HPR Department's ability to respond and its agreement guarantees the respect of internal service procedures, daily coaching of its advice and, last but not least, the terms.


Recognised results

The company's performance statistics are in line with its business commitments and its averages confirm that contracts or hiring letters with recruited Executives and Senior Executives are signed within the proposed timeline.