Our structure

Our group is structured to provide national and international clients with accurate solutions to their recruitment issues:

  • Solutions for structure and volume requirements,
  • Solutions for their globalising markets,
  • Solutions for their management, expertise and support expectations.

Our clients' companies are evolving towards broader integration. This concentration of structures involves a drive and need for key partners who can handle a number of specific activities in a way that's centralised, fast and efficient.

The size of its team and structured support methods help High Recruitment Group achieve its goal to meet their needs.


Skills that suit the international market

Many of our partners venture outside our borders. Drivers for growth and improvement are fuelled by the international market. Their internal organisations are different and for some, their operational departments are evolving.

The challenge becomes sourcing and selecting colleagues in charge of running or applying these strategies.

Our consultants are open-minded with linguistic expertise and some have the international experience required to handle these assignments.


A hotbed of performance

The High Level Recruitment Department's specific features give it a cross-functional assignment within the HRG Group by creating and streamlining service processes whilst upholding dynamic performances.


Specific segmentation

Every company in the HRG Group shares certain attributes such as applying the 3/5/8 method and providing services based on its sector expertise, the 10 areas we work in.

However, our four Métis, Pythie, Psyché and Agora support systems are provided independently and specifically to suit the stakes of the assignment awarded by each of our three structures. The choice of company is based on the profile position to analyse, recruit, assess or coach.



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